Abe Eisner
Chief Executive Officer

Abe Eisner has been managing GFI's mortgage banking division since its inception in 1983. He has been instrumental in the growth of all its branch offices in the tristate area and Florida. As a result, the division closes $1 billion in mortgages annually in local and regional loans last year alone. Surrounded by a team of top executives, he manages the day to day operations of the division. He also serves on numerous advisory boards of institutional investors.

Steven Bakst
Director of Operations

Steven Bakst is the Director of Operations at GFI Mortgage Bankers. Steven manages all residential lending and servicing activity at GFI including sales, underwriting, closing and funding. He brings over 10 years of management experience to GFI, having worked previously at Fairmont Funding also as Director of Operations. Steven graduated from Touro College with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Management.

Isaac Eisner
Vice President, Mortgage Operations

Isaac Eisner is Vice President of Mortgage Operations at GFI Mortgage Bankers, Inc. He responsibilities include troubleshooting loan and post-closing issues, providing product support, and ensuring the salability of the loan. Prior to working at GFI, Isaac worked at Madison Title Agency as an account executive. Isaac is a graduate of the Beth Medrash Gohova College.

Sheldon Spirn
Underwriting Manager

Sheldon Spirn has been the underwriting manager at GFI Mortgage Bankers for over 12 years. He is responsible for overseeing the daily operations of the Underwriting Department including the dissemination of new underwriting rules and guidelines, ensuring underwriting standards met, and managing underwriting scenarios with both underwriters and investors. Prior to GFI, Sheldon was underwriting manager at Fairmont Funding and Meridian Residential. He graduated from Brooklyn College with a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Information Science.

Linda Arcadipane
Director of Marketing

Linda Arcadipane oversees all aspects of marketing for GFI Mortgage Bankers. Her responsibilities include brand management, marketing collateral development, online and print advertisements, media relations, direct mail, and internet/email marketing. Prior to joining GFI, Linda was marketing manager at Celerant Technology Corp for several years. She graduated from the University of Rhode Island with a degree in Public Relations and minor in Business. Linda is an active member of the American Marketing Association.

Deborah Garfinkel
Chief Technology Officer

Deborah Garfinkel is Chief Technology Officer at GFI Mortgage Bankers. Deborah oversees all technology-related issues in support of information operations and company goals. She maintains existing enterprise systems while integrating company process with appropriate technologies. Prior to working at GFI, Deborah held prominent leadership roles in technology at First Financial Equities, TWT and Berlent Industries. She is a graduate of Queens College of the City University of New York and was named to the recent “Women of the Year” listing by the National Association of Professional Women.

Mark Schnurman
Director of Human Resources

Mark Schnurman is responsible for GFI Mortgage Bankers’ innovative human resources strategies. In this role, Mark creates GFI’s human capital approach by focusing on recruitment and retention, training, organizational development and employee relations. Prior to joining GFI, Mark held leadership positions at both Wachovia Securities and Morgan Stanley Dean Witter. He is a noted speaker and his articles on sales, communications, consumer services and career topics are regularly published in the New Jersey Star Leger. Mark is also an adjunct professor at Penn State University where he teaches Labor Employment Relations as well as Farleigh Dickenson University, where he teaches Business Communications.